Sik Silk


Sik Silk Mens Clothing exploded onto the UK streetwear and menswear scene in 2012 and has not looked back since. After their original Sik Silk baseball jerseys took the UK mens clothing market by storm Sik Silk have spent the next few years consolidating their reputation for baseball and football jerseys whilst adding to it with signature Sik Silk UK long line curved hem tees and vests. This is why Sik Silk continue to set the trends for UK streetwear and menswear both on the high street and the catwalk. Created by a group obsessed with UK, American and Japanese street culture and music Sik Silk Mens Clothing are committed to pushing boundaries both with their graphics and designs. Not constricted by their previous successes Sik Silk are constantly pioneering their curved hem tees, retro jerseys and assorted mens accessories, hoodies, joggers and sweatshirts. This is why Sik Silk are so beloved by celebrities, social media and the global menswear and streetwear markets alike. At JustAnother we have been watching Sik Silk UK for a while and are now super excited to finally have them join us on the site with their baseball jerseys, curved hem tees and the rest.