Serge DeNimes


Serge DeNimes Mens Clothing was launched in 2011 to epitomize the twin goals of urban culture and artistic flair. These were the foundation of what its creator Oliver Proudlock termed ‘the So Serge lifestyle’. This is what Serge DeNimes Mens Clothing is all about – fashion and art. Appealing to the young creatives, streetwise and fashion conscious both in the UK and around the globe Serge DeNimes started with a line of 10 t-shirts inspired by a series of photography about the 1978 Rio Carnival and has now developed into a full collection of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, jackets, snapback caps and beanies. As an ever-evolving brand Serge DeNimes UK is always searching for the next on-trend menswear development or unique collaboration which can take it forward both as a streetwear label and within graphic menswear. For Oliver Proudlock Serge De Nimes is the expression of his creativity and ambition, the result of unique partnerships and the interaction of an artistic community which focuses on producing relevant and exciting collections of the very highest quality. Serge De Nimes Mens Clothing has created a lifestyle not just a streetwear brand. The ‘ So Serge lifestyle’ is represented by their tees, sweatshirts and accessories but most of all by the community of contributors and users how make Serge DeNimes Clothing UK so unmistakable and such a great addition to justanother.