Odd Sox


Odd Sox started with a dream. All around them all they saw was conformity and media driven trends. In streetwear, menswear, music and culture. It didn't matter if you were buying mens socks or mens tees, watching a movie or downloading an album (legally before you ask) everything was the same. We grow up trying to fit in rather than stand out, sound like everyone else rather than find our own voice. Odd Sox was created solely to work against this grain, as they put it to dismantle the status quo. So instead of creating just another sock line Odd Sox went about changing what streetwear, menswear or any other mens clothing line understood as possible with socks. By creating unique designs and pioneering the new sublimation techniques not only can you find socks and styles specific to your character you can also mix and match pairs to create combinations not even Odd Sox had thought of. Odd Sox was conceived to bring fashion to socks and socks into the on trend world. They represent uniqueness and individuality - not just for your feet but your entire mens clothing wardrobe. Their mission is to overthrown mundane designs and mainstream designs whilst combining superior comfort with constant innovation. Odd Sox are adamant they never stand still or rest on their laurels - they will continue pushing Odd Sox socks in whatever direction they can imagine to create socks worthy of filling the shoes of the millions of people who remain dreamers and want to create something greater than themselves. Odd Sox has only one message: Stand Out, Be ODD.