Mi-Pac had a vision. They wanted to combine classic British design, the iconic heritage style backpack and work their own uniquely innovative colour pallet and design schemes throughout the range. The solution? The Mi Pac collection of backpacks, bagsduffle bags and accessories. Whether it is the classic range of Mi-Pac heritage backpacks or the seasonal prints Mi Pac work across their bags, backpacks and accessories Mi-Pac have cornered the market in British designed backpacks and bags. Finished with a tough faux-suede base Mi-Pac backpacks won't let you down either through their durability or classic styling. This is why in a short space of time Mi Pac have become the go-to bag, backpack and duffle bag brand. Each backpack is designed with all the functionality you need from a bag you se every day and each has the distinctive Mi-Pac finish and attention to detail. Mi Pac have always looked to do things differently so check out their unique range of classic and innovative backpack and bag designs and get on the Mi-Pac bus to grab one of their simple yet uniquely innovative backpacks.