LA Tree House Club


Before the LA Tree House Club made t-shirts, crew necks, hoodies and hats the five founder members Spanky, Wilber, Donald Dutch and Morris made art, chased around LA and became well acquainted with the LA Tree House medical marijuana collective in Marina del Ray. This gave them the inspiration for their LATHC moniker and also once you have seen the LA Tree House Clothing line I think you will agree has certainly added to their creative and unique take on sublimation tees and crew necks. Since the formation of the LATHC in 1997 these guys have been pushing the boundaries of what you can conceive of and put on tees, fleeces, hats and the rest but it is the recent developments in sublimation tees and printing which have really give the Los Angeles Tree House Club the scope to present their vision on the LATHC Clothing line. Through their combination of tie-dye and sublimation techniques the LA Tree House have created one of the most original and imaginative lines of t-shirts, crew necks, hoodies, buckets hats and snapback caps we have ever seen here at JustAnother. That is why we are super stoked to be the first account in the UK to bring the LATHC to these shores and cannot wait to see where they will take the LA Tree House Club Clothing collection in the future. Keep watching because these guys are never boring and the world has only just begun to turn the LA Tree House Club's shade of green.