Independent Leaders


Like so many of history's great ideas Independent Leaders Mens Clothing was conceived of by exceptionally drunk friends whilst on vacation. In this instance the town was Rio and the drinks were Caipirinhas. As the morning sun rose over the favelas and they walked shakily home down Ipanema beach the first Independent Leaders decided it was time for a mens clothing brand to exist which captured the fun and experience of this town. Rio was a town full of sex, colour and freedom so what better canvas to use as inspiration for mens t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and hoodies. They would take the independent spirit of the people they had met along with the sights, sounds and flavours of Rio back to London and create a mens clothing lifestyle brand completely different from anything they had seen before in their experience of menswear and streetwear. Independent Leaders Clothing was born and their first collection of tees, shorts, polo shirts and sweatshirts was inspired. Their ambition? To create a brand for people who live life free from outside control. No pressure then.